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It's easy as 123!!! 1. Take an old article of clothing. 2. Make it into ANY DIY. 3. TAKE a #selfie with it, and Instagram it using #selfieDIY. ITS THAT EASY!!! We ask that you create a new DIY, and not just simply hashtag an old photo! Thank you and happy #upcycling!!!
Check this out!! It’s actually an egg! #wenfuliang creates many different sculptures by carving eggs #TerraCycle #upcycle #upcycledart #eggsculpture
Through the Mom Brands Cereal Brigade more than $22,000 has been donated to schools and charities! @MaltOMealCereal #Terracycle #TerraCycle #MaltOMeal #CerealBags #ZeroWaste
If my kids got free lunches at school and then didn't get them when school is out and I lived in this neighborhood of Santa Rosa I would be absolutely thrilled that they got fed here. It's good eats.
If you can swing it, get invited to lunch with Craig Anderson at LandPaths. Or go to the Friday night potluck at Bayer Farm. The place is amazing (have I said that before?). #santarosa #landpaths
Pretty sure this sunflower is sticking out its tongue. So rude. #santarosa #landpaths #sunflower
Had lunch today in the shade of a tree at Bayer Farm in #santarosa with the good people of LandPaths. What an amazing place and an amazing impact they are having on the world. #landpaths #conservation

New York Salvaged Flooring

Here is a photo essay of how we salvaged some flooring and reused it. We bought 15,000 square feet of herring bone style mahogany flooring from an office building.

P1040307 500x375 New York Salvaged Flooring

P1040319 499x375 New York Salvaged Flooring

The flooring didn’t look too fancy laying in a big pile:

 New York Salvaged Flooring

They had glued it down previously.

We then cut it to make length wise flooring. We stapled it down with a sound proofing layer under it. We chose staples instead of glue because it is less toxic.

 New York Salvaged Flooring

 New York Salvaged Flooring

Then we sanded the old toxic varnish off:

 New York Salvaged Flooring

 New York Salvaged Flooring

Then we applied layers of tung oil and citrus solvent:

 New York Salvaged Flooring

 New York Salvaged Flooring

 New York Salvaged Flooring

It got richer and richer with each application of tung oil:

 New York Salvaged Flooring

The sanded down staples added a nice old fashioned look to the wood:

 New York Salvaged Flooring

We have lots more if you want to buy some for your home. As a New York green contractor we feel the biggest impact we can have is through salvage. It reduces our consumption, which is the largest cause of our ecological problems.

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2 comments to New York Salvaged Flooring

  • Theresa

    We love walking on these floors, it is like walking on velvet, so warm and soft… And beautiful too.

  • Paul

    I am interested in doing a similar project. Can you tell me some more information on where to buy salvaged flooring? We are only looking for 1000-1500 sq. feet.

    Thank you,

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