In our Manhattan  green brownstone renovation in we used Rieder windows because they allow us to meet the stringent Passive House standard. They came from Austria so it took about two months lead time to get them. All said it cost about $30,000 just in window expenses to supply the brownstone with your basic front and back configuration, including front and back doors.


That price was just to get the windows onto the site. The cost of making window boxes, air sealing and the many other steps of installing the windows was on top of that. So they are not cheap. And we got their most affordable model.

But they are gorgeous. The quality can’t be beat. The triple pane requires an extra beefy frame so they feel solid. Like really solid. And they have such good air sealing that it feels like a bank vault door when you open them. Whooosh.


Another window company we would like to install is the Intus Eforte Window brand from Lithuania. Another Passive House contractor used them and had good things to say.