Here is the Green Roof Tax Abatement.

The green roof tax abatement makes a green roof a very sound financial investment. With the rebate it barely costs more to get a green roof than it does to install a crappy tar roof. And if you include that a green roof lasts at least twice as long and reduces cooling bills then a tar roof becomes considerably more expensive.

If you have a Brooklyn brownstone and want to install a green roof you are probably going to get a max of 800 square feet of green roof given that the average Brownstone is 20×40.

The tax abatement is $4.50/sq.ft which means for a 800sq.ft. green roof you are eligible for $3,600 in tax abatement.

Anyone can put up a green roof but if you want to get the tax abatement you need an engineer or architect to sign off on it. And they cost money.

The good news is that they don’t cost that much money so it really pays to involve them and get the rebate.

We are Brooklyn green roof installers and have set up the whole process so that it is easily taken care of. We have the engineer. We also have a great accountant familiar with green incentives. Once it is lined up like this it really makes no sense to NOT install a green roof.

We strongly believe that every Brooklyn brownstone should have a green roof and we are pricing our roof installations accordingly. It is a moral and political imperative for us that every Brownstone should be able to afford a green roof. What we loose in “high end boutique fees” we make up in idealism and numbers.