If you ever wanted to know the full legal verbage to the New York green roof tax rebate bill green_roof_legislation. It goes into great detail about definition and requirements of a legal green roof installation in New York.

The reason it is important to have this document is that the Brooklyn and New York DOB have not read it. When you try to file a green roof they look at you with blank overworked eyes and do their best to get rid of you.

But if you give them this document with the important parts clearly underlined it takes the burden off them and they brighten up. They can file the document with your application and not worry about making any decision that will risk their job.

It makes you look like a professional green roof installer who clearly knows what they are doing and this inspires confidence and opens doors (by the way those doors should be open by law but just because people pass legislation doesn’t mean the city workers are informed).

Here is the green_roof_legislation again