Despite what we think, planet earth is not run by humans. We have only been on the earth a couple minutes if the earth’s life were an hour. The global weight of insects far outweigh humans in body mass.

Here is a great diagram of the world Biomes. It is a way of looking at the world not as countries or geographic areas but as biological areas where a distinct combination of life forms and climate come together to create a community, or biome. I took the image from The links below go to the site too.


Tundra Deciduous Forest Savanna
Taiga Chaparral Rainforest
Grasslands Desert Alpine

The reason I like this perspective is that it gives me a new angle to look at the world and specifically my world as a green contractor in Brooklyn.

As I run the multiple job sites Eco Brooklyn has in the New York area I add this global perspective to the mix. How much in harmony is Eco Brooklyn’s construction with the Deciduous Forest Biome of Eastern North America?

Completely, partially, not at all? The answer is not so important to me in terms of my success or failure. But it is one of the many guideposts I use to keep Eco Brooklyn on a path of ecological renewal vs. the typical building path of construction destruction.

And mainly it is a great way to realize my place on this planet. Humans are not the center of the planet. The biomes, with their millions of creatures and atmospheric elements are the center of the planet. The moment I become or think I become, whatever comes first, more important than my harmonic place in the biome, then there is a problem.

A big fish in a little pond will eventually drown in its own crap. The trick is to know what size fish the biome needs you to be.

You do this by keeping the big picture perspective in the back of your mind while going through the daily minutiae of life. Sounds complicated and a little esoteric but it really isn’t. Look at the stars at night – big picture – and don’t forget to turn the lights off before going to bed – little picture.

We are musicians in a big band but never the conductor. Knowing this takes a huge weight off your shoulders as well as makes you feel useful. We all have a role to play, from flute to trumpet, and our role is never more than the best we can be and always more than our mediocrity. Find your role and you hold hands with god on the path of creation.

The answer lies in the biome. Good luck.