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Windsor Terrace Library is seeking city funding to install a green roof and you can help get them the money. You just need to vote for them to get the money. It’s that simple. Scroll down for details of where and when to vote.

Their hope is to use the green roof to reduce their energy use, limit stormwater run-off, improve air quality, add wildlife habitat & add beauty. As a certified green roof installer we have a vested interest in more money going to green roofs in NYC. And so should everyone else! The benefits are huge. So scroll down and find out when to vote!

Library Green Roof

Green Roof Habitat

Windsor Terrace branch of BPL, Ft Hamilton Parkway at E. 5th St.

Who Benefits
Windsor Terrace Library serves a diverse community of families, professionals, and retirees from many cultures. The branch serves many students from PS130 & Brooklyn Prospect schools, both nearby.

Project Description
The 7,500 sq foot green roof at Windsor Terrace library will beautify the area while improving the building’s energy efficiency & roof’s longevity. It will also absorb stormwater from entering the sewers. The project demonstrates environmental leadership to BPL patrons.


Vote for green roof

Library Green Roof

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  1. Heather Y - March 27, 2014 at 11:20 pm

    Thanks so much for this mention of district 39 participatory budgeting! I just got back from a volunteer shift making phone calls to promote it. In the recent past I was more active-I was one of the committee members on the Brooklyn Composter project . We got funding. When we get the big composter in place, it will be able to handle about seven times the food waste is now done by hand by volunteers at the Gowanus Canal Conservency Salt Lot site.

    I will vote for the Library Green Roof, and I urge everyone to vote for the industrial capacity shredder, another project in the Environment catagory this year. This shredder will handle trees, cardboard and similiar things, and its output will provide needed “browns” to mix with the food with the food waste, making quality compost for our tree pits, community gardens,parks, and eventually backyard gardeners like me.

    Thanks a lot for voting in Participatory Budgeting 2014!
    Heather Y.

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