One of the cool things about being a Brooklyn green contractor with my very own green show house is that I get to have all sorts of visitors to talk shop with. It is like a mechanic showing off his custom hot rod or a farmer with his fields.

I get lots of green minded Brooklyn visitors who come and check out the green show house (apart from Hungarian TV show of course who were far from local).

Today I had one such visitor: Bryan Quinn from One Nature Design. As you see from his long list of creations, he is a very prolific artist and has created designs for all sorts of cool designs from a Two Kilometer Elephant Zoo to a Yurt farm. His basic premise is to pull down the illusion of a nature and human barrier and unite us.

He impressed me very much and I invited him to work on the green show house, specifically the front garden, currently a flat concrete slab. I gave him carte blanche to design whatever he wanted. I’ve got a bunch of other people doing things on the house, from live walls, green roof and edible gardens so we’ll have to do a little coordinating.

He’s going to try and throw some designs together (“no promises!”) and we’ll see where it goes. The general idea is to divert the rain water runoff from the front of the house into the garden. Currently it drains into the sewer, a complete waste of good water that usually ends up flooding the Gowanus Canal two blocks away with sewage when it rains hard.

The idea is to divert water from the overloaded sewers and feed the plants with it. What a revolutionary concept! (irony).