Happy Vernal Equinox!!!!

Today at 10:33 PDT, 13:33 EDT, 18:33 CET is the Spring Equinox.

The moment when the relation of the Sun and the Earth are in equipoise.

Our planet hangs in perfect balance for one brief flash of a second…all balanced, the day and night everywhere, for all of us in San Francisco, New York, Santiago, Australia, Milan and Ibiza are of  equal length.
Twelve hours of day, twelve hours of night.

And then the tilt happens, as it has for billions of years, and the Sun brings its Light to us in the North, and the long nights of winter begin for those of us in the South.

This tilt is what keeps us alive. Otherwise one half of the globe would be hot and barren and the other half would be in perpetual ice age. With this tilt we get the seasons, the ebb and flow of life from dark winter to bright summer and back again.

All green builders make homes around this cycle. We design for more sun in the winter and less sun in the summer. We position the houses so that they worship the rays of the sun and turn their backs on the cold.

Whether we know it or not in our daily chaotic scramble we are part of a long pattern of logic. The heavens have been flipping the earth back and forth in the sun’s rays for longer than humans existed. And I suspect it will go on way beyond our short stay on earth.