Veggie Oil Boilers

If you live in NY then odds are your hot water and heating is done by a boiler. Odds are it is a natural gas boiler. After that oil and electric are the most common. Oil boilers are on the decline and electric ones are getting more popular with the super high efficiency electric heat pump units.

But what about a veggie oil boiler?
After asking around I heard that some people have had luck converting the Israeli boiler Riello.

Now that is a cool idea. It may not work if the whole world converted to veggie oil but in the short term if a some were converted it would be a great way to reduce demand on natural gas (fracking), electricity (oil) and oil (wars etc).

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  1. Agreed, the veggie oil would at least be somewhat carbon neutral. I was wondering the other day if the bunker oil burners could be easily converted to veggie oil or a blend thereof. I hear that it burns cleaner from a particulates standpoint.

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