Have you ever wondered what toxic sites are in your neighborhood? Do you unknowingly live next door to an abandoned toxic dump? Here is a site that can give you some clues. It is called ToxicTargeting.com and lists all the recorded environmental activity in New York State.

You can type in your address and see all the registered activity. It shows you the satelyte view, the map view, the locations of activity. Very cool. You can also order a Phase 1 Environmental Report from them, which will give you a professional assessment of a site. This report can be useful sometimes when getting a mortgage or protecting yourself from unknown toxic liability.

Eco Brooklyn is a Brooklyn green contractor, which means we build green. But it also means we unbuild non-green. We come in and fix what other builders have screwed up. This may be mold remediation due to a badly weatherproofed building, soil remediation due to toxic dumping in a garden, structural support due to cheap building, natural termite pest control due to improper envelope protection, or even weather sealing due to improper insulation and weatherproofing.

So the site Toxic Targeting may be used by Eco Brooklyn to get the history of a property and the surrounding properties to better understand what we are dealing with.