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Types of Insulation

Here is a great diagram of all the possible types of insulation, their R value and their environmental impacts. As green builders in Brooklyn we have specific needs. Doing a green renovation in a Brooklyn brownstone requires sound proofing in the walls and ceilings and lots of insulation that takes up little space on the exterior walls and roof.

My favorite is cellulose and salvaged PolyISO for these two needs.

Cellulose is great at soundproofing as well as being insulation. In the ceilings where you have a little more room you can put cellulose. It is recycled and has a million times better environmental impact than fiberglass which is also a good soundproofer.

In the exterior walls of the space craved Brownstone I like salvaged PolyISO. It is the highest R value per inch out of the insulation. On the exterior walls we are pretty fanatical about insulation – at least R 36 – and we can do that with only 6 inches of insulation. When we can we go up to 7.5 inches and get a whopping R 45. For the same reason we use PolyISO in the roof wheresound is not the issue and you just want to pack the R value is. There we try to go to R 90 with 10 inches.

And since the PolyISO is salvaged it is definitely the greenest choice in insulation.

On all the exterior walls and roof we also use reflective aluminium as a radiant barrier. You need to give it at least 1/3 inch of space to work. It is placed on the inside of the house near the sheet rock since Brooklyn is not a hot climate. If it were then the barrier would be on the outside. This has to do with where condensation collects. We use non-perforated aluminium taped well at the seams so it also acts as a vapor and air barrier.

Insul table 388x499 Types of Insulation

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3 comments to Types of Insulation

  • cw

    You should be aware that older poly-iso probably does not have the fire retardants that the new stuff does and may not be legal in NYC. In any case the NYC building code does not allow for more than 4″ of foam, based on MEA approvals.

  • Gennaro Brooks-Church

    I’m actually hoping they have off gassed the fire retardants, which many believe to be carcinogenic, especially when exposed to fire. that is one of the reasons I love old insulation.
    The insulation is behind one hour of sheet rock so by the time the insulation is exposed to fire that is the last of my worries.
    But all this is moot since I tested it and apart from letting off a nasty carcinogenic smell it did not catch fire. I’m still hoping the majority of its off gassing has already happened.

    And for their reason for only allowing 4″ foam, I’d be interested in knowing why. It makes no sense to me at all. This is one of the cases where a green builder needs to perform civil disobedience since the existing code is out of date with existing high performance building.

  • Civil Disobedience with a variance…right?

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