The windows we ordered finally arrived to our Harlem Passive House. They’re not your typical windows though by any means, and unfortunately we couldn’t get them USA made. These are triple pane windows. They’re pretty heavy compared to a typical window of the same size, and a heck of a lot more expensive. As a New York green contractor we are very conscious of the well-being of our environment, so we salvage things – wood, insulation, even masonry products to name just a few. But when it comes to windows, we get those brand new and spend a large lump of our budget on them. But they will surely play their crucial role in helping the Harlem brownstone meet its stringent Passive House specs. And within just a few years these windows will begin to make sense on a business level. And as for the reduction in energy use, helping to reduce our carbon footprint, this investment is a no-brainer. An absolute no-brainer.


Presenting Triple Pane Window Technology to EcoBrooklyn, Passive House contractor


Triple Pane Windows arrive to Harlem site, EcoBrooklyn, Passive House Contractor