What does green building in New York and John Lennon have in common? There must be something in common since as a NY green builder I get inspiration from him. And I know I’m not the only one…

In honor of his 70th birthday lets look at the commonalities.

There are many good builders just like there are many good singers but not all of them use their talents as a tool for a broader world goal. Just like Lennon and his voice, green building uses the tool of building to make an impact on the world.

Take a passion for humanity, mix it with musical talent and you get John Lennon.

Same goes for green builders. We love building and we love humanity too. Both make up the whole.

When John shared his opinions on humanity people listened because he was a great and inspirational singer.  The same goes for green builders. No green builder will have an impact unless they are also great traditional builders.

Green building is hero’s work. The moment Lennon took his talent and applied it to something larger than himself he became an icon.

We can all be icons. Anyone who takes their skills and applies them to something larger than their life becomes a hero, a metaphor that others can relate to.

John Lennon did this so well.

Green builders do this too. They take a mundane brick and mortar activity and apply it to a vision that heals the world.

This week I applied an earthen floor to a clients house. It was risky since I don’t know of any in New York and it is uncharted territory. But it was great. I know how to pour a concrete floor like traditional builders. I took that skill and applied my vision to turn New York green. Out came an earthen floor.

Imagine…if everyone in New York poured earthen floors instead of concrete ones. You may say I’m a dreamer but my client is one too. And our dreams became a reality this week. The floor is very real. Very green. Very inspirational.

John this floor is for you.


Eco Brooklyn Applying An Earthen Floor To A Harlem Townhouse