Here is an article by a major news agency about how dry wall imported from china is toxic.

A couple things:

– I’m sure they are right about the Chinese drywall.
– They claim the US dry wall is safe….I am skeptical of that.
– Another thing is that since it is a story from major media the facts might not be right. It might be a scare story.

Either way it is just a reminder to really be careful what you put in your house. If it smells funny to you don’t use it, despite all the safety assurances of the company and everyone else.

Just because, “Everybody uses the product without any issues.” or “The company claims it is safe and can prove it.” does not mean it is safe and it does not mean it won’t harm you.

Think about it. If your body is having a negative reaction to a product (bad smell, headache etc) isn’t that enough evidence?

In today’s society of “experts” is is easy to disregard our very own selves in the face of an “expert’s” opinion.

And another thing, just because they have tested a thousand people without any adverse affects, it goes against logic that every person after that (1001, 1002…) will not have any affects.

Maybe you are the one person out of a thousand who is allergic to the product. We are all different. And it starts by taking control of the immediate surroundings: body and home.

I’m not saying be a hypochondriac but I am saying that it is important we reclaim authority over our immediate lives. Nobody took it away. We willingly gave it away to the so called experts because in this fast paced society it is hard to know everything. So we need advice. But the advice is only advice. We should be the ultimate decision makers of our lives and homes.