It is cool to be green. Wearing green is the new black. Green power is the new black power. It is cool to be green.

But it is important to not let the fad take over the message. Being green, like every other revolution (revolution = full turn), is about moving one rotation up the circle of evolution.

Change, like child birth, death and every transformation involves moving out of your comfort zone into a new zone. And if you don’t you will suffocate to death.

So although it is great to be green it is very important to not let it be the newest fashion statement. There is a strong message and it involves transforming huge parts of the way we currently do things. And ultimately it is a matter of life or death.

Green is the starting point for all of us. Where we personally take it in our own lives can only be decided uniquely. There is no road map, there is no right way. There is only your way. Anything else will not work.

I am taking green to the brownstones of Brooklyn: Greening Brooklyn’s brownstones as a contractor and builder is my path. It is exciting because I have no idea where it will bring me and yet sometimes I realize by taking this path I have eliminated a million other possibilities . The horizon is both wide open and completely fixed and that is a thrilling and terrifying road.

It is my road.

Where will you take green?