The word yoga means union. When one practices and studies yoga, they are trying to bring themselves into harmony with the universe.

A daunting task, no?

Well, Eco Brooklyn has helped Area Yoga get one step closer to unifying with the universe through our construction of two living walls in their Brooklyn Heights studio.

Green Wall Installation

Many yogis have said that Nature is Yoga and Yoga is Nature. That is because everything in nature is perfectly connected and balanced; everything is in union. We designed Area Yoga’s living walls to mimic this unity as best as possible:

We purposefully selected plants that require low levels of light so that no extra energy needs to be wasted on them. We set up a watering system that takes grey water from the studio’s sinks and toilet, filters it, and then runs it through the planters. This way, Area Yoga can keep their water consumption at a responsible level while also reducing their impacts on NYC’s overloaded sewer system (read more here). The plants act as natural air filters, creating a healthier workout environment for Area Yoga’s clients. What’s more, the studio was sustainably designed thanks to Eco Brooklyn’s green renovation services, which includes salvaged wood flooring, an effort that saves trees and reduces stress on landfills.

So everything comes full circle as it does in nature. Unity!

Finally our green wall accomplishes one other intangible thing. The presence of greenery can help ease a troubled mind, allowing for a deeper meditative experience, and reminds one of the harmony of nature. So we have essentially given Area Yoga a tool for finding enlightenment!

Below are pictures from the final steps of the wall’s creation. The planters and irrigation system had already been designed (read more here); it was time to add the plants.

New York City Green Wall Installation

We unloaded over 250 plants!

Interior landscape design

Before placing them in their new home, we laid out our intended design on the floor. After several revisions and replacements we finally settled on a perfect arrangement.

Brooklyn green wall installer

The plants were then placed one by one into the living wall. We covered them with soil and, after many hours of hard work, we completed our green wall!

Wall garden

NY green building

Green interior design

interior gardening

NY green contractors

Brooklyn design-build


By Malone Matson