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What is the tax rebate for solar panels in NYC?

As a solar panel installer I have to admit that even Eco Brooklyn sometimes gets confused. The rebates expire, then get reinstated and expire again. Here is the current tax rebate agreement. Check out the text in red. This is

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Renewable Energy Plan for New York

Let’s convert New York State’s energy infrastructure into something more sustainable. It’s a simple concept, with a multitude of benefits.  Converting to renewable energy will stabilize costs of energy and  produce jobs while reducing health and climate damage and overall

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New Green City: A key element to Green design and construction.

On a beautiful fall day in early October, Eco Brooklyn, a New York City green contractor, took to the South Plaza of Union Square in downtown Manhattan to check out New Green City, an event hosted by GrowNYC.  The event

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Solar Panels, An Example in Green Considerations

The process of building green is different than normal building. There are new considerations to include in the mix. Here is an example. Solar PV is a smart choice in NY I think. NY gets a lot of sun and

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Adding Solar gain and recyclables to Facade

Above: Facade with planter and recycled joists. Originally the top facade of the building had a lot of rotted wood. And there was a great view. So in the heat of the summer I tore down the wall and planned

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Recycled Wood Floor

I have relationships with the contractors in the neighborhood. These oak floors were perfectly fine but the owner wanted to replace them with cherry wood floors. Instead of put them in the dump I got them. The lower floors of

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Eco Brooklyn is a member of American Solar Energy Society

The American Solar Energy Society has been around since 1954, way before most people even knew what solar was. Visionary is the word. They also put out a very useful magazine. Now of course they are huge and respected. More

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Solar Tax Credits Extended

After a disastrous few weeks on Wall Street, the renewable energy industry has come out a winner. It seems there’s always a silver lining in even the worst developments. The long-awaited extension of the Production (PTC) and Investment Tax Credits

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Jack Johnson has solar studio

Jack Johnson shows off his solar studio. JACK JOHNSON – TRAILER SLEEP THROUGH THE STATICby Jack-Johnson

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Good News for Solar

We’re entering a new era of solar energy. Congress just passed historic solar legislation that will increase the use of solar energy all across US, and the President signed it into law. HR1424 extends the 30% solar tax credit for

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Solar Panel Considerations

Solar Panels for creating home electricity have come a long way. They are cheaper and last longer than before. Photovoltaic systems now have expected lifetimes of 20 years and more, with manufacturers offering system and individual component warranties. Contractors are

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