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Salvaged Douglas Fir Deck

  Eco Brooklyn’s latest project was developed for our client in Williamsburg. The client was looking to renovate their distressed backyard and create a beautiful space to sit and relax. We first develop a design and render it for the

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Salvaged Floor Tung Oil Application

For the past several jobs we have used salvaged mahogany flooring. We salvaged 15,000 square feet of it a while back. It is very pretty stuff. Here we are applying the tung oil to it. We are applying two types

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New York Eco Deck Installation

We went by to check on a deck we built in Manhattan last year. It looks good! It was raining which made the deck glisten more. We made it out of salvaged Douglass fir joists from an old building. We sanded them

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Wood, Cancer and Boiled Frogs

When most people think of wood they don’t think cancer, but studies have shown that wood workers have a higher level of respiratory cancer. This was brought to my attention when a local lumber supply sent me the Material Safety

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Gotham Forest Wood

I’m happy to say that NY is an exception to the rule that using wood isn’t green due to the Gotham Forest we have here: millions of board feet of old growth lumber sitting in the frames of old buildings

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