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The Living Building Challenge- Winner of the 2012 Buckminster-Fuller Challenge

Green building and eco-sensitive design is currently at the forefront of our modern ethos.   What this means for the green builders, contractors and architects of NY, and the world, is a period of dramatic change and challenge is ahead if

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Financing Cut

When we went into contract for the property that is currently being built as a green show house it was during the “normal” financial times of March 2006. No storms were on the horizon and everyone was still giddy from

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Insulation Has Arrived!

Green Building is like life: it is all about energy. How you control it, who has it, where it is flowing, and where it isn’t flowing. You control the energy and you have a great house (possibly a great life

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Recycled Wood Floor

I have relationships with the contractors in the neighborhood. These oak floors were perfectly fine but the owner wanted to replace them with cherry wood floors. Instead of put them in the dump I got them. The lower floors of

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Some cool links for Mortgages and other stuff

# Residential Energy Services Network’s (RESNET) (For trained and certified home energy raters in your service are.) # Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating System Accreditation Standard (For operating home energy rating systems, by state.) # U.S. Department

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Financial Importance of Greening a Home

Here is a great case study showing how a couple used green financing to increase the green of their home. Their mortgage did go up but their monthly energy savings were greater. So they end up saving money. First-time home

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Value-Based Analysis For Green Financing

There is special financing available if a house fits certain green criteria. This could be an energy star boiler or the type of insulation. There is also financing available to make a house greener. The following list are guidelines when

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AmeriQuest Mortgage – Good example of NOT being green

I came across these really funny commercials by Ameriquest Mortgage Company. They are worth checking out because they’ll give you a laugh. But the real joke is the tag line: “Don’t judge too quickly. We won’t.” It turns out their

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