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Natural Pools

We at EcoBrooklyn engage in a number of exciting green building projects and experiments throughout the year, but with the hot months ahead at the top of our list is the natural pool for the show house and with its

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A Green Wall in Brooklyn

This weekend we get a special treat: we’ll be taking delivery of over 250 tropical plants and installing two indoor living walls. It’s the culminating step in a complete renovation of Area Yoga Studio in Downtown Brooklyn and promises to

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Gray Water Use in New York

Being a New York green contractor involves pushing two very important elements through DOB code approval: 1. composting toilets 2. gray water and rain water for flushing toilets. We recently tried to get composting toilets approved for our Passive House

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Gray Water or Rain Water

In Eco Brooklyn’s brownstones we are still weighing the options of using rain water or gray water for flushing the toilets. So far we have always decided on doing the gray water, letting the rain water drain into a dry

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What Gray Water Systems are available?

Every Brooklyn brownstone should have a gray water system to feed the toilets, green roof, living wall and garden. Unfortunately there are few systems to choose from. They range between $2,000 and $7,000 for the unit not including running the

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Bromine as a Chlorine Alternative for Gray Water

We’ve been looking for a chlorine alternative for our Brooklyn brownstone gray water systems. Chlorine is not ideal because it gives off fumes. I’ve also read that when the chlorine molecules bond with the soil particles it alters the chlorine

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