As NY living wall installers we are constantly exploring new living wall designs that fit the tight spaces of New York buildings. One idea we had was to use grass. It’s short, perfect for tight spaces like hallways and such. Another cool thing about grass is that it creates a great backdrop for other plants. It fills in the spaces.

Here is a great succulent living wall we built:

The only problem is that we used a mixture of water loving succulents and more arid succulents. The arid succulents died of overwatering and the wall looked sad:

So we decided to fill in the living wall with grass. We planted the grass seed and waited. Two weeks later it looked like this:

Interesting…..Looks a little unkept. It definitely filled out the empty spaces. Maybe it might look good on a larger wall. Here it’s too up close where you see each strand of grass. It looks a bit like a messy hairdo. But still it grew out wonderfully and could work under certain circumstances. We’ll keep experimenting…