Gennaro Brooks-Church is a Certified EcoBroker®

As a licensed real estate broker I wanted to get as much ecological training as possible in the real estate field. The typical broker training, although extensive, only touches on the green aspect of real estate and I wanted more.

After looking around it seemed that the EcoBroker® accreditation program seemed like the best choice. They are highly regarded in the real estate community.

They were listed in 2008 as a “Top Green Building & Business Certifications” by Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) Journal.

REALTOR Magazine says they are one of the top “25 Trends Driving Today’s Market.”

In 2006 they were awarded “Education Program of the Year” by the Real Estate Educators Association.

Here is a spot they got on CNBC.

Having taken the course I am happy with what I learned. They offer a comprehensive training that educates you in the many aspects of green real estate.

These involve better understanding:

– The energy efficiency elements of a home, from types of boilers, insulation, windows, solar panels, water heating and materials used to insulate a home.

– The effects of the surrounding environment on a home, from solar direction, tree positions, shaddows, and any other physical elements that might effect the heating/cooling of a home.

– Potential health hazards and how to deal with them, such as radon, lead, asbestos, mold, and pests.

– Understanding what steps to take in order to make a home more eco-friendly

– Knowing the benefits of an eco-friendly home and how to market those elements effectively

– Knowing what professionals to team up with in order to provide a better service to the customer. These professionals can be green pest control people, solar panel installers, radiant heat installers, ecologically aware painters and so on.

I am always scheptical of potential greenwashing (pretending to be green for financial gain) but I was satisfied with the course offered by EcoBroker®. I feel they genuinely do want to improve the invironment.

Whenever consumer opinions are poled Real Estate Brokers compete with Used Car Salesmen for the MOST despised group of professionals. That is really a brutal position to be in and not one I’m proud of. The truth is that real estate is a game of sales and sales is a game of psychology.

So a lot of psychological manipulation goes on between brokers and customers and it is not always appreciated.

But now with the new focus on green, brokers can offer a really great service that is not only dependent on the sale. It is dependent on how well they help the customer in understanding the green elements of a home. It is more a role of an educator than a salesman.

I think this added value will be appreciated by customers.

Eco Broker Partnerships

As an Eco Broker it is important to form partnerships with other green minded real estate professionals.

Because our customers have similar interests an Eco Broker usually has stronger and more ties with the following people:

radon mitigators
landscaping or xeriscaping companies
eco minded lenders
appraisers who value green building
photovoltaic installers
solar retrofitters
sustainable building architects
green builders
IAQ specialists (indoor air quality)
water quality specialists
star appliance specialists
High E window companies
green pest control companies
heating and cooling specialists
utilities companies
retailers of green products
insulation companies
decking companies
skylight companies
paint companies
designers (Feng Shui, for example)
home inspectors who understand green
energy raters
doctors (allergists, for example)
recycled building materials providers

Why should you use my real estate services?

Here is my answer to “Why should I use your real estate services?”

I am a real estate professional with additional EcoBroker training on the energy and environmental issues that affect real estate transactions. There are tremendous green resources available in the market and as part of my service commitment to my clients, I help you identify and make sense of these invaluable green opportunities. I am a great facilitator in this regard.

Education makes me uniquely qualified to present the eco features of the home and help attract qualified buyers. I’m not a specialist or an expert on energy and environmental issues, but I have additional training on these issues and I have a better handle on the basics and the available resources than your standard real estate licensee. I understand the relationship between Energy Star and quality, and I can help

I look forward to working with you. Please call me at ………347 244 3016. Gennaro Brooks-Church.