This just out: Green workers are doing well.
I would have to agree it’s good to be in green business right now. The only stress I have is growing pains.

From the wire:

The newly published, inaugural Carbon Salary Survey, is one one the first studies to provide detailed information about professionals working in the climate change and emissions trading markets globally. The Carbon Salary Survey, which culled responses from 1,157 participants, is a collaborative project between Acre Resources, a green recruiting consulting firm; Acona, a CSR consulting firm; and Thomson Reuters Carbon Market Community. Throughout April 2009, they surveyed people working in the following areas: renewable energy; clean technology and energy efficiency; carbon finance/brokering; carbon/climate change law, policy or regulation; the project-based emissions market under the Kyoto Protocol(CDM & JI); and the voluntary offset market and climate change science. Based on the results, it appears that green professionals overall are well-paid, feel that they have job security and are happy. Read more about it at: