Here is a cool app courtesy of It shows all the natural homes in the world (at least the ones they know of, which is probably one tenth the real number). The map at first only shows the US, but we’ll forgive them their nationalism in light of our recent and proud presidential election.

Basically if you thought you were safe from natural homes taking over the world, think again pal (or palette, which is the feminine form of pal, not the wood frame you use to load up with heavy things).

Yes natural homes are taking over the world and if this scares you, then be scared. Be very scared….in fact there might even be a natural home scheming itself into existence on your very own block….yes I know, as horrible as it may seem you must accept the reality we currently live in.

Natural homes, like death and taxes, are inevitable. Unless of course you are one of those people who cheats on your taxes and worships plastic surgery, in which case there is a non-natural homes commune in Florida you could join. You may have to sacrifice some of your personality but I hear they have a great dental plan.