Green Show House


Located in Brooklyn, NY, our green show house highlights the best green building practices for brownstone renovations in the NY metropolitan area.

It is a real home. Through our non-profit community outreach branch, Eco Brooklyn Community Inc, the show house is open to the public and professionals by appointment 9-4 any day except Sunday. Please call for an appointment: 347 244 3016.

We are happy to assist you in any educational endeavors where a project like this would help you, for example if you are a school or organization seeking to show your students innovative green building.

For more information about the Show House, please visit the Green Show House page on Eco Brooklyn Community’s website.


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5 comments to Green Show House

  • Kelsey McMahon

    I called earlier today (Friday, January 8th) to book a tour of the eco home on Monday the 18th of January (I think that sometime in the morning would work best for us, but we are flexible).

    The 2 of us are architecture students at the University of Manitoba in Manitoba, Canada, and we’re currently studying green building and travelling down to NYC with our studio to experience the city.

    I had mentioned that I would send an e-mail just as a reminder, and we will be in touch with you when we arrive. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (204) 461-1856 or via e-mail.

    Kelsey McMahon

  • fin dvicel

    Housing projects like this are inspirational as it shows that house renovating can not only be a way to save on future utility bills but environmentally friendly as well. Renovations that have a environmentally aspect could seem expensive but the way money has been saves in places and re-using as much as possible saves money that could be used in other places.

  • Green Glue

    Looks like a lot of work. It’s not easy being green!

  • Michelle Tassney

    Thanks for the tour of the amazing show house on 2nd street. It may look like the others on the outside but, boy is it different on the inside.

    Everybody knows that it’s a huge pain to do anything in NYC, and I’m so happy that all the stuff I’ve seen in places like the Bay Area is finally coming here thanks to people like you.

    My head is spinning from the possibilities.

    As soon as I close on this house in Bed-Stuy I want to hire you guys. I really need somebody like you who understands the green tech and materials.

  • Wister Dorta

    Dude where is the link for the yard… I cant stop thinking about this place and how Awesome it is.

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