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Ever found this randomly growing in your yard or garden? Its called Purslane and can actually benefit you more by keeping it then throwing it out. For more details about it, check it out on our Facebook page (Link is in our Bio)
Over 20 red hook local leaders turn out at NYCHA Sandy update meeting with question prepared on rebuilding.
Developing conservation blueprints is more than just protecting lands and water. It's about saving natural and cultural heritage for the next generation and generations to come.
To continue showcasing our awesome members, we’re welcoming Solano Open Space to the stage as another featured guest for this week’s #OSCQuizFridays! We’ll be asking about their past nomenclature, AKAs, and aliases. Join us on Twitter @BA_OpenSpace this Friday from 11:30a-1:30p to test your knowledge of the #BayArea’s finest land conservation organizations!
Welcome to the first week of #OSCQuizFridays! Here at the Open Space Council we are so grateful and inspired by our members and supporters and the work they do every day in the #BayArea. With that in mind we are starting a weekly game to highlight interesting facts and stories about our members and supporters. Stay tuned for how you can participate!
Office chairs are empty, our crew is in route to Chicago! See everyone soon.. @navypierchicago Beat the lines and purchase tickets from our website!
Yet another use for emptied #kcups: #upcycle into #craft cups, perfect for kids, students, and hobbyists alike! Post in the comments additional ways to #repurpose #kcups, there are plenty!


Eco Brooklyn is a green design and build firm that greens co-ops, condominiums and brownstones within New York City. We  specialize in all aspects of energy efficiency and ecological green renovations.

We offer the following services:

Green Design/Construction – We work with architects to offer the full service from Design to construction. Or we can work as the GC on a job that already has the architect in place. Being in Brooklyn we have a lot of experience with Brownstone renovations using as much salvaged material as possible. We also design and build the following:

  • shipping container buildings
  • earthship buildings
  • Passive House buildings
  • straw bale buildings
  • composting toilets
  • grey water systems
  • solar PV and thermal
  • earthen floors

Eco Landscape – We offer both hardscaping and softscaping for all services of the building – front and back garden,  roof and walls. We also build ponds, streams and natural swimming pools. We design and install the following:

  • green roofs
  • native plant gardens
  • salvaged material decks
  • natural swimming pools
  • living machines
  • natural ponds, wetlands and streams
  • pergolas
  • edible landscapes
  • wildlife habitats

Green Consulting – We are happy to offer our experience on all aspects of green and energy efficient construction.

All our jobs have three goals:

  1. Produce zero waste during the deconstruction and building
  2. Consume zero new materials during the rebuilding process
  3. Create a home that needs zero energy to run

We do this by reusing as much as possible, avoiding buying new materials, and building energy efficient homes that run on their own. We don’t always meet our goals but we are getting close. A key element in this equation is our adherence to the German Passive House standard (AKA Passiv Haus). We have staff certified in this system and our jobs implement all or some of these techniques depending on the job.

Because of the holistic aspect of green building we do the whole green building package, from full renovations, green roofs, solar PV and thermal, and green building consulting. We have a team of green building professionals. We design, build, expedite and give professional tax consulting for a green job.

We work with an Engineer, Architect, Green Roof Expert, Solar Installer, High Efficiency Heating Installer, Green Experienced Lawyer and an Tax Rebate Accountant experienced in preparing taxes involving the many available rebates for green building.


Green Roofs              Natural Swimming Pools                Eco Landscaping and Lead Remediation

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  • slthor

    nice site. Do you know any green plumbing and heating contractors— we have gas boilers. Thanks.

  • Maurice Morton

    I would like to start school or maybe a on the job training program(ojt) in the green building field, do you have any recommendation for my, I live on staten island, will travel, have a military backround 20+ years, looking for a new career in green trade.

  • Madalyn Rivera

    How can a person like me learn and train. So i can obtain work for a Green Certified Company. Im very interested in this field.

  • Gennaro Brooks-Church

    Hi Madalyn,
    Jump in. Whatever. Do an internship, buy books, surf the web. Just do it. Apply to companies you like. Be useful. Keep at it.

  • A. Guy

    I have to say this page of information has been a godsend. I am very, very interested in taking a property from vacant to occupied an in applying a green methodology to the re-hab. But the logistics are overwhelming. This page simplifies things for me quite well.


  • Alex Sargeant

    Just bought a home, I stripped the inside down to just the floors roof and stairs. The gabbage is gone, some of the beams are damage and need to be replaced or repair. We are interested in solar heat for hot water and Space heating with under floor hydronic.
    The house is land marked and about 2000Sqft in Crown Heights Brooklyn. How difficult, cost effective, experience with land marks and time framed are we to expect.
    Im very handy and can help where I can to keep cost down. Maybe you are looking for a house to use as a display to promote your business that will be ok with us.
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

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