I got some wood floors from a contractor friend. He is working for a customer who wants to get rid of perfectly good oak floors and replace them with cherry. God what a total waste! Waste of money, resources, forest etc. Waste helps keep the economy going…in a bad way.

Unfortunately I only got in touch with him after he had gutted two of the three floors. Two floors of perfectly good oak sits in a landfil somewhere.

I got one floor. Why this is good:

I help remove them – saves them money.
They don’t have to pay to put them in a dumpster.
I get $1200 of oak flooring for about $100.
The world is saved from cutting more trees.
Less landfill waste.

It is a total no brainer! And yet when I proposed it to them they were skeptical. Once it was done they couldn’t be happier. The only difference is a shift in the head. No other change is needed to make this happen.

salvaged oak flooring

salvaged oak flooring