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Salvaged Glass Deck

When doing an eco renovation of a brownstone there are two key factors: maximizing space and maximizing light. A New York brownstone floor is not the largest of spaces so one way to expand the space is to add a deck off the parlor floor.

But this creates a problem with the other important element of a brownstone: light. New York brownstone ground floors can be very dark and putting a deck above it cuts the already meager light even more.

The solution? If you are a New York green contractor you salvage sheets of tempered glass and create a glass deck!

This adds space without sacrificing light. We increased the light by making the railing out of thin cable so as not to obstruct the view and light. By DOB code we had to make the frame out of metal but we added salvaged wood beams where allowed.

You’ll notice that the view from below the deck is bright and clear. The other important element of this is that during the winter we don’t obstruct the heat coming from the sun. This will reduce the heating bill on the lower floor.

Photos below:

 Salvaged Glass Deck

 Salvaged Glass Deck

 Salvaged Glass Deck Salvaged Glass Deck


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5 comments to Salvaged Glass Deck

  • Berenice

    Genaro & Eco Brooklyn,
    I love catching up with the progress you’re making on the Show House because it’s a reminder of the emotional impact an innovative interior and exterior space can create. Kudos on the new deck, wish I were the to experience it!

  • sarah a. trissel

    Where did you get the glass panels? Do you have a source?

  • Gennaro Brooks-Church

    We get them when people call us who are throwing them out. Nothing very organized.

  • Sergey

    Hi! Wondering – anybody was throwing out tempered glass panels recently? ;)

  • Sergey

    Hi Gennaro!
    One more question – how thick is the glass? Hope this doesn’t show as the dup comment! Thank you.

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