Electric conduit is hard to salvage because the scrap people get to it before it goes into the dumpster. They take it to the scrap yard for pennies on the pound.

If we can get to them before they get to the yard we are happy to give them much more than what they get at the scrap yard.

Or we get into the demo first and get it for free.

This is what happened at a demo on a commercial space on Court Street in Brooklyn. Because of downcycling it is much better to get our residential electrical conduit out of commercial demos. This is because commercial spaces tend to be bigger thus have longer runs.

If we try to salvage electrical wire out of a brownstone for another brownstone the runs tend to be too short and a lot of it is not usable.

This place was great because it was so huge.


We got enough electrical cable to wire an entire floor of a Brooklyn brownstone, which we happened to do the very next week. I swear it is weird how that works. We almost without fail get exactly the material we need right before the job starts. I guess it is because we are on the lookout for it.