Salvaged Douglas Fir Deck



Eco Brooklyn’s latest project was developed for our client in Williamsburg. The client was looking to renovate their distressed backyard and create a beautiful space to sit and relax. We first develop a design and render it for the clients approval. This deck is perfect for small gatherings, allows access to the yard, and the large stairs double as sitting space.

Prior to Eco Brooklyn

Williamsberg Deck Rendering












The project began be removing the existing stairs and gathering our salvaged Douglas fir from the storage yard. Once all the materials are gathered on site we begin the work of building the deck from the foundation up.

Salvaged Wood

Salvaged Wood

Prior to Sanding and Eco-Oiling


After the deck is built we are able to sand and Eco-oil the wood with a milk protein finish. Blending recycled materials and utilizing techniques to prevent environmental degradation are the goals of our green-building project, so the end result is not only eco-friendly but aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Eco Friendly Finish

Eco Friendly Finish

Post and Rendering by Anthony Rivale

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