Reasons NOT to do Solar (maybe)

Obviously, the author at these links is NOT selling PV systems (I haven’t checked their accuracy):

A PV Alternate Energy Summary…  (April 25, 2010)

” Present panel costs are $3.50 per peak watt.
For a significant net energy contribution, 25
cents or less per peak PANEL watt is required.
Thus, present costs are FOURTEEN TIMES
that required for net energy production.

” Subsidies that pay people to put known defective
gasoline destroying net energy sinks on inappropriate
rooftops are not only wildly nonproductive, but they
also are nearly certain to SET BACK pv net energy
breakeven by as much as FIVE DECADFS. Per
this analysis. ” –>

A PV Alternate Energy Summary… (June 16, 2009)

Much more is in Don Lancaster’s PDF Reports: —

PV Solar Summary Tutorial:


Some Energy Fundamentals tutorial:


More Energy Fundamentals tutorial:


… all of these links are from:

Don Lancaster –

Don Lancaster refers to: – –

” is a virtual science forum for professionals who
engage in the fields of High Tech, Green Tech, and Medicine…”

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