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Ever found this randomly growing in your yard or garden? Its called Purslane and can actually benefit you more by keeping it then throwing it out. For more details about it, check it out on our Facebook page (Link is in our Bio)
Over 20 red hook local leaders turn out at NYCHA Sandy update meeting with question prepared on rebuilding.
Developing conservation blueprints is more than just protecting lands and water. It's about saving natural and cultural heritage for the next generation and generations to come.
To continue showcasing our awesome members, we’re welcoming Solano Open Space to the stage as another featured guest for this week’s #OSCQuizFridays! We’ll be asking about their past nomenclature, AKAs, and aliases. Join us on Twitter @BA_OpenSpace this Friday from 11:30a-1:30p to test your knowledge of the #BayArea’s finest land conservation organizations!
Welcome to the first week of #OSCQuizFridays! Here at the Open Space Council we are so grateful and inspired by our members and supporters and the work they do every day in the #BayArea. With that in mind we are starting a weekly game to highlight interesting facts and stories about our members and supporters. Stay tuned for how you can participate!
Office chairs are empty, our crew is in route to Chicago! See everyone soon.. @navypierchicago Beat the lines and purchase tickets from our website!
Yet another use for emptied #kcups: #upcycle into #craft cups, perfect for kids, students, and hobbyists alike! Post in the comments additional ways to #repurpose #kcups, there are plenty!

Harlem Passive House

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Location: Manhattan at Harlem 130th St. – Multifamily dwelling

Construction Start: September 2010
Construction End: December 2011
Square footage: 4,700 including partly finished basement
Renovation Cost Per Square foot: $170
Highlighted Features:
Meets Passive House Criteria
Layout designed for maximum daylight and solar heat gain and minimum electric lighting needs
All wood, sheet rock, insulation, interior doors, bathtubs are salvaged
Custom concrete counters and kitchen cabinets from salvaged materials
No toxic glue, formaldehyde or any other harmful chemical used anywhere
Rainwater from roof passed to a dry well in the garden

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