The ‘debate’ against the Gowanus Superfund designation is clearly a small group of industrial land owners and developers who by their very profession are extremely knowledgeable in how to talk real estate with city hall. Because of this they have a disproportionate say in the Gowanus Superfund matter.

Meanwhile the normal citizen, who might barely know where city hall is, has absolutely no say in comparison.

If you didn’t know this you’d almost think there was a democratic debate going on here on the merits of the Superfund for the community.

But that is absolutely not true. The developers have full time paid professional advocates whose sole job is to lobby Brooklyn city hall in the interest of the developers. They have very well funded public relations budgets. They have deep pockets to influence other land owners and pivotal people in the area.

That is not democracy. That is capitalism at its most debase.

Despite this huge machine of capitalist self interest there is a very loud grass roots counter voice clearly speaking for the larger community that steadfastly wants the Superfund designation.

So which is more valid, the facade of a community interest group behind which are a small handful of profiteering self satisfying manipulators or the very genuine voices of local residents who have nothing to gain but a healthier community.

Don’t let the hype fool you. Clear and simple, the educated Carroll Gardens residents want the Superfund designation. A small group of land owners and developers don’t. Who’s community is this, the developers’ or the residents? There is only one morally correct answer: the residents.