The boat Plastiki is a boat built entirely out of salvaged plastic. I presume it is a play on the original boat called Kon-Tiki that THOR HEYERDAHL built out of reeds.

You have to check out their site. Check out the pictures and the vids. They are on such a high that it is really contagious. These guys and galls are living their destiny. It is really cool to watch.

I love water and have a special thing about all the plastic that pollutes it. Through an act of ignorance we got into the habit of using disposable plastic tools like bottle and forks. And not these items are littering the world in a very dangerous way.

What were we thinking? Did we think the plastic would just disappear? We thought that after that birthday party or school reunion we could just put all the plastic cups, plates and utensils into a plastic bag and send it off to some magical far off land where it would go away and not be a nuisance to anyone.

Well guess what, the plastic does not go away. And now we have billions of plastic bottle tops floating around in the oceans like lost souls stuck in purgatory.

Next time you go buy a bottle of water or get a Styrofoam cup of cafe remind yourself you are not an ignorant idiot and then don’t d it.