Permaculture, Pigs and Bees

Here is a cool insight into nature. It is by Michael Pollan. He also talks about the Polyface Farm which is run by “grass farmer” Joel Salatin. Joel is interviewed a lot in the Food Inc Movie. Check out the talk below, follow the links above. All very cool stuff.

Not directly connected to green contractors in Brooklyn but indirectly very much so. We can do this stuff in Brooklyn in our own language and with out own circumstances.

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  1. Heather Y - January 26, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    Wow, this is like a trip back to college only no tuition! Like several classes rolled into one lecture-biology, farming, with elements of philosopy and religion rolled in seamlessly.

    First the mind blowing idea – corn wants world domination,(!!!!) then the really simple approach that could really shift things just by getting out of our philosophical system of on/off, this OR that, us versus nature, etc into a different EASIER way.

    I just love Micheal Pollan.

    I have a friend (a PhD who trained at Woods Hole) who is trying aspects of permaculture in West Virginia, most lately doing research on low till or even no till farming. He has always said that to get the soil balance right again we need to get s*** (manure) back into the ( agricultural) system.

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