In a press release from Jan 2009 it is stated that the pentagon is installing more than 4,200 recessed LED luminaries in Wedge 5.They are expecting a payback of less than four years with a reduction of 22% in overall electricity usage. A total reduction of 140 tons of CO2 per year. They even found out that the LEDs reduced their cooling costs. The HVAC system does not have to deal with excess heat radiated from traditional illumination methods.

“The U.S. federal government is taking a leadership role in energy efficiency for federal buildings both through existing mandates, as well as President-elect Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan, which calls for the renovation of public buildings to make them more energy efficient,” said Chuck Swoboda, Cree chairman and chief executive officer. “Installations of highly efficient, low-maintenance LED lighting, like these in the Pentagon and in the U.S. Federal Reserve, demonstrate that the future of energy-efficient lighting is here today.”