We salvaged this floor that had dark purple paint on it and it turned out to give this amazing rainbow of colors! Read on.

We put it in the bathroom.

Then we put Smart Strip paint remover (from Peelaway) over it to get the paint off. We could have sanding the paint off. But our motto is that if we can’t have a baby in the room when we do a job then we’re doing something wrong. And you certainly don’t want a baby in the room when sanding sixty years of lead paint off a floor.
Granted, Peelaway has a strong smell but it is NOTHING like normal paint remover. Nobody disagrees that normal paint remover gives you cancer. Peelaway’s smell is pungent but nothing you need a mask for. I’ve not met anyone who complained about the smell.

At first it was nothing special. Just white. But then as the paint started to peel into the Smart Strip some really crazy colors appeared. I took some photos. But then the colors got more intense. I took more pics. But the colors just kept getting more and more beautiful. So I ended taking a lot of pics.

The next day we scraped the Peelaway with a spatula.

The end result is a pretty dark wood. Peelaway makes it that way. But once we sand it down it will lighten up considerably.