Things are looking good for green roofs in Brooklyn! As this article states there is a growing interest amongst local politicians in supporting green roofs. The surge is really gaining momentum. We have so many thousands of wonderful, flat, sun filled roofs in Brooklyn – prime real estate for a verdant canopy of green and colors.

One of the really exciting things about being a green roof installer in Brooklyn is that we feel like we are on the cutting edge of something that is potentially HUGE. What used to bring on strange looks (“You do WHAT on the roof??”) is now gaining really wide acceptance. Now we feel like the cool kids on the block (“You install green roofs? sexy!”).

And with the financial incentives from the government it makes real financial sense to do it. The heating and cooling costs go down. The roof maintenance and replacement costs go down. The actual air and heat on the block improves. The value of the building goes up. And there is more green space! I can’t rave enough about it.