This natural Building Colloguium, hosted by Peaceweavers, I really think is great. No continuing education credits. No high-power, big-project architectural, engineering, interior designing firm reps to hobnob with. No suits, no ties, no shiny shoes. Sleep in a tent, eat vegan food. Learn about things like strawbale, cob, cordwood, timber framing, straw-clay infill, permaculture, community-supported agriculture, small-scale living roofs, thatching, natural plasters & finishes, and more. Hang out with good, mostly laypeople; get your hands in the dirt, go swimming.

Or said another way: learn how humans lived until about a hundred years ago….think about it. We spent thousands of years living basically the same way. And in a hundred or so years totally forgot it. And now we are running around thinking this is reality.

I’m sorry to break it to you but a hundred years from now people might look back at the stage we are going through now and call it a momentary diversion from the norm. It is very possible we revert back to simpler rural living.

This elephant on a bicycle we call advanced society might collapse in a storm of apocalyptic economic, social, and immune deficient melt down where the population is culled by some mutant sickness, the economy implodes, and those of us that are left find ourselves with lots of land and not much else to do but plant some vegetables.

Anyway, whatever happens, this event is a back to the earth bonanza that I highly recommend.

– – – – –

The sixth annual family-friendly Northeast Natural Building & Living Colloquium – Seven full days! – Sunday, July 26 through Saturday, August 1, 2009 – once again hosted by The PeaceWeavers :: Thunder Mountain ­ Bath, New York

A hands-on event with an emphasis on natural building and sustainable living in the northeastern climate. From natural building and permaculture to water and energy conservation… from alternative fuels to sourcing your food locally… this event is for everyone concerned about how their lifestyle impacts our Earth.

The weeklong, camp-on-site, meals-provided colloquium offers VERY full (and very FUN) days of teaching, learning, building, and networking. World-class experts, authors, educators, innovators, designers, and builders offer hands-on experience with and educational presentations about “close to the earth” building materials and lifestyle choices.

On-site camping and all meals (vegan) are included. Register early for a discount.