The Northeast Sun Magazine is put out by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association twice a year.

It is not a supper glossy magazine focused on ultra cool design. It is concerned with practical nuts and bolts sustainable energy issues for the Northeast US region. It is a good magazine to keep up to date on what is happening in this geographical area.

I like the magazine because they published Henry Gifford’s article that shows in very clear terms how LEED building’s have terrible energy efficiency. Henry is a local NY boiler person who really knows his stuff and one of the few people criticizing LEED, which has an army of companies rooting for their success so they can say, “Buy our products, it’ll get you LEED points”.

Even if you aren’t going for LEED the companies are hoping you’ll say, “If LEED says its good then I should buy it. It is a self fulfilling cycle.

The truth is that Henry’s research clearly shows LEED buildings are a joke in terms of energy efficiency. And the reaction by LEED officials has been to completely deny his claims, a dubius act at best.