New York Green Roof Installer

Eco Brooklyn prides itself in green roof installations on New York brownstones, condos and coops. We offer the full line of services:

  • Structural analysis of existing roof by an engineer
  • Removal of old roof if needed
  • Structural reinforcing of roof if needed
  • Installation of green roof
  • Pergolas for solar thermal and PV panels above the green roof
  • Bulkheads and decks for enjoyment of the green roof
  • Maintenance of the green roof
green roof istallation

The above image is an example of a green roof and solar aray harmoniously integrated

We are knowledgeable in all aspects of green roof installation and care. We know how to harmoniously integrate it with other green building elements such as solar panels, bee hives, salvaged decking, sun heated bathtubs, wind power and intelligent solar design.

We are familiar with the best plants to use as well as the many edible plant options.

Feel free to contact us if you are considering a green roof on your property. It is our experience that most New York and Brooklyn buildings can safely support a green roof without structural reinforcement. Because a green roof lasts so long, installing a green roof is cheaper than installing a typical roof over the life of the roof. There are also heating and cooling savings as well as significant lifestyle improvements.

Green Roof Installation

A newly planted Brooklyn brownstone green roof

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  1. Chris Knapp - April 4, 2012 at 2:35 pm

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    Thank You
    Christopher Knapp email: Cell (646) 599-6722
    Horizon Aquatics, LLC.

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