I love the abundance of energy emerging for green roofs in Brooklyn and New York. Installing a green roof in Brooklyn is the smartest think I can think of. When I go on a Brooklyn rooftop and see all the plane flat roofs I see a possible forest of verdant green and fauna.

I see a cool rooftop landscape where the city heat has been reduced noticeably.

Green roofs in Brooklyn make so much sense that I’d say it is one of the top things in greening a brownstone. The good news is that there are some great Brooklyn and NY green roof companies available. We all share the passion for green and so the companies share an idealism that often is lacking in business.

Eco Brooklyn is a green roof installer so you might wonder why I’m raving about other New York green roof companies. The truth is that we need to work together. There are too many roofs for just one company to bring the New York green roof industry to critical mass.

Critical mass is when it is adopted by the main stream and no just intelligent early adopters. Critical mass is when you see a noticeable change in city air quality, temperature and wildlife liveliness. Critical mass is also when installing green roofs really takes off as a business.

So I am happy to be part of the New York green roof installers. We can all help in this very wonderful and important job of putting green roofs on as many NY rooftops!