We are big fans of Milk Paint. What we especially like are the colors, or lack of.

You’ve got 20 to choose from. It makes life so easy. Unlike other paint companies who offer a million variations to satisfy the most anal house keeper. And to be honest anyone who agonizes over Blue #10121 and Blue #10122 has way too much time on their hands and needs to get out more.

But when you’ve got twenty colors to choose from the happy reality is that you have millions of colors. Because you mix them yourself.

Our current favorites are Lexington Green and Slate. With those two colors you can go from a very neutral white to a bold dark yet the colors fit into pretty much any color scheme. In our opinion at least.

Here are examples of Lexington Green and Slate mixed at a high concentration and then a lighter 10% concentration. You mix it into a white Milk Paint base.



We’re still exploring the Milk Paint palette. If there was one unifying theme with the Milk Paint colors it is the colors are all healthy looking, or better said they look like colors from nature.

That is not to say there aren’t bold or striking colors. But because they are all naturally occurring pigments and not synthetically made lab chemicals they naturally resonate with the eye. Again, this is our very unscientific opinion. But when it comes to paint colors your personal opinion is all that matters 🙂

Check them out here.