Looking for an enlightened activity this summer? Maybe you should go attend the Micro Living event mentioned below.
Micro Living is a great concept born in reaction to our current Out Of Control Living (my term :). Micro Living aims to reduce our consumption of inessential objects and increase our life affirming relationships (with ourselves, others and nature).


So summer is getting closer here in Europe and so are the big challenges
humanity are facing – 2 years ago I started the project called Micro Macro
Monde – I suppose its what could be called a “different” contribution to
start a more pragmatic yet visionary series of activities taking a starting
point in the individual and his / her relationship to our “foundation” –
nature. I think we need understand the realities of life here on the planet
far better AND DREAM more at the same time, we need to establish a new and
much more “collaborative” relationship with nature and the planet – We need
so many solutions in order to create basis for humans to continue to thrive
on the planet and we need to approach most things we do today in radically
different ways in order to create the “physical reality” for billions of
humans to live decent lives.
Micro living is one of the “proposals” – start to live with a lot less
physical matter but with a much higher “life quality”. Most of us need to
decrease our consumption of matter no matter what and in so many ways 😉 it
all starts really with one self. So therefore Im inviting you all to come to
Micro Macro Monde this summer to dream up new fantastic projects and at the
same time do yoga, eat rawfood, build micro living houses and make lots of
other things where you get a deeper contact with what the basics are all
about – and in this case try coming with solutions to “MICRO LIVING”.
We as creatives can be of enormous help to the coming up with new solutions
– if you want to meet others likeminded come to some of the courses at MMM –
the first one is a MICRO strawbale house building course….see more here

And there is also a Facebook link…


Hope to see a lot of you this summer….