I came across a video that struck a chord and I have shared it below.

I realize your food habits may not appear to be a green building topic. But the definition of green builder is somebody who puts the welfare of the world ecosystem before all else. And it all starts with what you put in your mouth each day.

What we eat is very much connected to how we build because both require an awareness of the animals we share our lives with. Land can be used for many things, raising farm animals and building houses being two common options.

I call myself a vegetarian who eats meat. For animal rights reasons I tried being a vegan but it lasted a year. I didn’t do much better as a vegetarian. I felt like I was physically weak and going to float away.

I realize a lot of people in the world successfully don’t eat meat. But so far I have not managed it. I decided that through ignorance, habit or culture I am not able to eat a vegan or vegetarian diet that makes me feel physically good.

Yet I have read a lot on the subject and it makes a lot of sense for our planet to reduce or even eliminate our meat consumption. There are two main reasons for not eating meat; one is moral the other ecological.

If you read up you will learn that the ecological impact is really negative. Likewise the morality of meat production is really murderous.

The main problem is that meat production has gotten too big and animals have become completely castrated of any respect as living beings. It is also not sustainable to raise so many animals without huge amounts of resources and massive contamination.

All in all the mass market meat industry is a criminal catastrophe of moral and ecological depravity.

We all condone it every time we buy meat. I justify my acts partly by informing myself so I have the full knowledge of how the meat was made. This is why I am a vegetarian who eats meat. I do it but in my heart I am not at peace with it entirely. Some cultures apologize to the animal for killing it and thank it for the food they provide. I sort of rationalize it that way. And I really enjoy meat.

Either way whenever I eat meat I am fully aware an animal died very probably in a cruel way. I am not guilty. Just aware, humble, grateful. There is awesome power in killing another animal and I don’t take that lightly.

I have made some sort of peace by only buying locally raised meat from small farms. It costs a hell of a lot more but that is only because the larger producers are cutting costs through diabolical means, both ecologically and ethically.

If you have the courage I suggest you watch this five minute movie. It is horrific. But the most horrible thing about it is that it is true. The animals you see end up on your plate probably daily.

If anything it will give you a deeper compassion for the animals who gave their lives for you. For me it adds truth and poignancy to my meal. We live in a vast universe where so much is not understood, where there are so many paradoxes, so much beauty and so much suffering.

I don’t understand a lot of it. But I do try to see life as a humble passenger in a limited body who does their best to do good.

Caution this Movie shows random acts of violence and murder towards animals.

Support your local small farms whatever the cost to your pocket book. Go to farmers markets, health food stores, and if they don’t have natural humane meat then ask for it. Let them know you are willing to pay for it. Give them the money so they can grow in numbers. Take your money away from the mass meat industry.

And if you can’t afford it then reduce your consumption and just buy less but higher quality. Be like the majority of the world who can’t afford meat. Vegetables are one tenth that of meat in price and plenty good for you.

Eco Brooklyn is a New York green contractor and part of our services are to offer urban farm steading services. We provide roof top farms, chicken coops, bees, and ecological gardening as part of our services.

Usually this is offered as part of a larger renovation. For example we may gut renovate a brownstone and as part of that service build a green roof, living wall, natural swimming pool, composting bin and install two bee hives and a chicken coop. Through ongoing support we guide the client to self sufficiency.

The idea is to not only offer a beautiful green renovation for their brownstone but to support the client in living a greener life in the building. This means helping them change their hobbies and habits.