The folks at Living City Block are coming to tour the Brooklyn Green Show House this wednesday. This is exciting because they share a lot of the same focus as Eco Brooklyn.

Their work sees the city as a bio-organism, where each block, each company, each house, each person are functioning aspects of the organism as a whole. That is my take on them at least.

If you look at it this way you can transform a city one block at a time by improving the ecology and strenthening community of that block.

Here at Eco Brooklyn we do the exact same thing but with more of a focus on the mechanics of ecology: how water flows from the houses, where the energy comes to feed the house, where building materials are sourced to build the businesses and homes. The back end if you will. The engine under the hood.

This will be an exciting meet since together we are working with the same entity – the city as a living creature.

We’ll keep you posted.