What is manufacturer’s’ obsession with telling me how many LEED
points I can earn by buying their product?!
From the advertisements you’d think every house being built is going for LEED.
But the manufacturers know they aren’t. They are betting on people
saying, “Heck, if it good for LEEDS then it’s good for my little
house. Give me two!”

It’s a big marketing game and pretty much every one is involved. I got
LEED accredited the other day and when my girlfriend asked me what the
benefits were I was, “Well, I guess it looks good on my business
card.” The main benefit of me studying and paying money was

Nobody is knocking on my door to certify their house. I’m not even
sure I’ll certify my own building!

But I like to be involved in the game and right now that’s the biggest
one in town. And what a racket it is.