Here is an itinerary for our driver I just found. It gives a cool insight into the daily workings of a green contracting company in New York.

Monday Truck Schedule:

Pick up Truck

Lowes – pick up doors and misc materials from broken sale section

Home Depot – Reusable Demo bags, palet of mortar (put in far back of truck), misc materials

8th Street Job – pick up any garbage, Lucas and Daniel

2nd Street Job – Pick up Martin and Santos, pick up plastic containers for veggie oil

Cambridge Place Job – Pick up wood for recycling at classon

Classon Ave – drop off wood, demo bags and Daniel and Lucas
(Daniel fills bags with salvaged flooring, Lucas brings all old joists to sidewalk)

Classon and Lafayette Job – Drop off Santos (they go back to 2nd street on G train)

Franklyn and Lafayette Donut shop – pick up veggie oil

Quincy Job – pick up two abandoned beams on sidewalk

classon – put into the truck in this order – yellow plastic for green roof, all joists, then 90 sheets of used insulation, then 6 sheets of salvaged plywood, then the 10 2x4s with nails, then flooring. when you leave take everyone with you

2nd street Job – drop off plywood, 2x4s, tell workers to denail and prep wood

8th street Job – drop of lucas and daniel and flooring. keep martin for the rest of the day

crescent street in east NY job – drop off insulation on top floor for green roof.

130th in Harlem Job – drop off palet of mortar, joists. pick up plants, soil all roofing stuff for green roof

121st street in Harlem – drop off two doors – careful they are high efficiency and expensive

If possible do this otherwise park truck in legal parking area and we
do it in the morning:

3rd and 6th Ave in Park Slope – drop off plants, soil, yellow plastic. the plants are sedum so they can last through the night in the truck.