Here is a great clip. The message I got from it is that you can influence your environment through what emanates from within you. And it can be incredibly fun. We’re seeing this a lot with the work we are doing in green building here in Brooklyn. Green building is like laughter.

Laughter has been scientifically proven to change your body chemistry. And green building does the same in similar ways.

It may seem like a strange comparison but we’ve seen how a green building can actually change the chemistry of the people in it. The building revitalizes instead of drains: Better light, less chemical stressors, more soothing materials, better air quality – all this drastically improves people’s mind and body.

And this has a ripple effect. The people leave the building in a better state and interact with others in the community in a better way.

This understanding of how the physical properties of a green building directly improves the interactions of the community is so incredibly important. It is a core element of the Built It Forward concept.

The clip below shows the same ripple effect but with laughter. It is also an inspiring example of how our being can effect others in a positive way.