HAVC manufacturing companies throw a lot of info around without consumers really knowing what is true. As an energy efficient HVAC installer we are very interested in the real energy efficiency of a unit. Is it really a SEER 25? How did they do the test? Does it retain that rating when the temperature drops and you need the unit to produce heat?

These questions are hard to get from the manufacturer. We use a great web site called AHRIDirectory.org to determine the specs of a new energy efficient HVAC unit we might be considering for a client.

They are a third party “trusted source of performance certified heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and commercial refrigeration equipment and components.” They do their own research so it is a safer way to get more objective info. Basically they give the facts and aren’t selling anything.

It is a great resource for any Brooklyn HVAC installer because you can really hone down the details specific to the geography. Does the client want it for cooling only, heating only, what will the ambient temp of the unit be, etc.

We find the site helpful.